Marketer & Product Developer

"One of the few people I’ve ever met in this industry who can make a difference"

My curiosity have taken me to places where I’ve worked with things as diverse as TV Production, App Development, Social media communications, Website development, PR, Product Management, Search engine marketing, Affiliate marketing, Sports marketing, Corporate communications & Crisis communications.

Working hard with my passion – the digital change – for 20 years in different contexts have given me comprehensive experiences. And a network of the best in their games: Branding, Design, Analytics, PR, Advertising, Traffic, Optimisation, App & Web development.

My curiosity combined with my experience, boosted by the best possible network is my major strength. That’s why I deliver positive results. Full CV on my Linkedin profile.



Björn has a brilliant creative and strategic mind and is a true digital marketing professional! As well he is fun to work with…and that matters!

Knut FrostadCEO, Volvo Ocean Race

Björn has an unique competence mixing great Internet marketing/product related knowledge with managerial skills to lead teams and work in fast moving projects.

Hjalmar WinbladhFounding Partner EQT Ventures

Björn oversaw a record-breaking performance by the Volvo Ocean Race marketing and communications team for the 2014-15 edition. I recommend him highly as a manager, colleague and friend. He offered me complete trust and support, which enabled my team and me to deliver to our fullest ability with external media including TV news, online, print and radio. He has an amazing attention to detail, overseeing everything from a weekly TV product, bespoke videos for Red Bull Media House, and social media output on myriad platforms. At the same time, he is endlessly creative and full of great ideas. I sincerely hope we can work together again in the future.

Jon BramleyDirector of News & Media at Volvo Ocean Race

Björn is one of the brightest guys I’ve had the pleasure of working with and has an amazing ability to focus on what drives business growth. He is a great team leader, listens and has great depth of understanding of innovation and what it takes for organizations to create an environment that supports innovation. Through this he helped grow Rebtel 1200% in one year. However most important is that he is one of the nicest guys I’ve worked with.

Patric BlixtCEO at Swedish Hasbeens / Co Founder at Shipwallet

With razorsharp intellect, natural leadership skills, extreme precision and in all situations, professional behavior makes Björn the key for success in any business. When Björn speaks you listen. When Björn acts it happens. But best of all – he likes my insane humor.

Johan Englund Partner & Marketing Director, LEKMER

Björn and I worked closely together at Mag+. He has knowledge and experience in virtually everything relating to the Internet and he has a passion for it like no one else I know. He is also one of the few people I’ve ever met in this industry who can make a difference. He’s a strong team player and a great guy and I would gladly work closely with him again.

Linda WakehamMarketing & PR Manager, Mag+

I got the chance to once again work with Björn as Head of Online Communications where he really got to show of his leadership and inspirational skills and I’m as impressed as ever. This guy knows communication in every sense of the word. Hoping to work with him again sometime.

Christoffer Du RietzDigital Designer & Head of Design & Co-founder, MobisleApps

Björn has great knowledge and understanding of online business developement. As a manager, he asks you the questions, and puts you to the tests that make you excell as an employee. I can strongly recommend Björn to any position as manager, business developer or consultant within the areas; online media, dialogue/viral marketing and eCommerce.
Björn makes what’s outside the box, make sense inside the box.

Jesper ÅströmPartner @ For Sure, Growth @ Apprl, Lecturer @ Hyper Island

Björn is a professional and humble co-worker. He is always very focused on solving his tasks and brings communication and business to a next level. Björns great knowledge in Social Media makes him a true visionary.

Christoffer Luthman Web Analyst & Co-Founder, Outfox

In my mind there was a Web Guide Partner (the company I work for) prior to Björn Alberts and a different one after he was hired as Business Unit Manager for the Business Unit that I’m operationally responsible for. In my experience it’s really very rare to come across a truly visionary person who has also fully understood the importance of tracking results as well as defining clear purposes and KPIs of every single effort discussed/executed. Normally these skills don’t go well together but for some reason Björn has acquired the full skill-set. Obviously since he’s been working online since the dawn of time, Björn also has experience in virtually everything relating to the internet. Whether it being PPC, hard core online marketing strategies or the newest Twitter tool that the kids use, out there – you can rest assure that he’s read about it, tried it and blogged/lectured about it somewhere. I’ve had the great pleasure of working with Björn and I really do mean it when I say “great pleasure” since I consider him to be one of the best teachers I’ve ever had in my professional life – this due to his people oriented-, humble- and always very unpretentious ways. I hold nothing but respect for Björn, if I were to have my own business he’d be the first person to hire if possible, and I hope to keep in touch with him on a personal level for a very long time to come since in addition to all of the above, he’s also a very nice guy to talk to.

Henrik BentzerRecruitment & HR, Curamando

Björn is a great leader and manager, with an amazing knowledge and feeling for online communication. He is both intuitive and analytical, and is excellent in facilitating discussions and decisions in a group. I really enjoy working with Björn, both professionally and because he’s such a nice person.

Maja Lindström Chief Product Officer, Mynewsdesk

I truly enjoyed working with Björn. Björn is an excellent manager with an exceptional ability to both think strategically and see small details. He could always find a personal approach to each member of his team and organize work with the best efficiency. Björn has a broad knowledge of digital industry and is always aware of the latest trends in online marketing. He is a very interesting person to talk to and a great person to learn from!

Anna Oshkalo Digital Marketing Manager, Rebtel

I recently worked with Björn on a consumer smartphone application project, and I am very impressed by his marketing skills, his clear vision and his detailed understanding of the processes behind innovation and development of great consumer apps. Surely, Björn is one of the brightest stars of the Swedish online marketing scene.

Pontus AxelssonFounder & CTO, Bontouch

Björn is an energetic analytic with an open mind and a humble, facilitating attitude. He brings out the best in people and I very much enjoyed working with him at Rebtel – he’s a true professional.

Jonas Bohlin Head of Product & Co-Founder,

As a bright, intelligent and motivated individual, Björn is a take-charge person, who is more than capable of managing a group of people, presenting creative ideas and communicating the benefits of those. With Björn’s help, our team started to think broadly about Internet. During his tenure, social media presence and several online campaigns and strategies were successfully implemented, resulting in an increase in conversion and thus revenues that exceeded forecasts. Let me say that I also admire Björn’s capacity of establishing quality relationships with industry actors. Without any doubts, Björn is an asset to any marketing team.

José Naménnternational Recipe Marketer, Thermomix

He’s got a lot of ideas and knows how to get it off the paper and into action. One of his most important competence is his people management skills. He’s great with getting that extra percentage out of every team member and getting them to feel that they are an important part of the vision and goal and that you feel that you’re working towards a success. Björn get’s the bigger picture of traffic acquisition, not just one verticle like SEO or using viral campaigns, he connects them all and creates his own marketing web where he crams a much as possible out of all channels. These sets of skills among a well-organized and business oriented mind makes Björn Albers an asset at any internet marketing company. I’ve really enjoyed working with Björn and hope that our paths will cross once again. He’s a great colleague that I’ve enjoyed working with, both on a personal level as well as on a business level.

Per LindheimerProduct Owner, NetEnt

Björn has been a very hard-working boss that helped us to understand and be successful in different segments within the company. He can offer a huge variety of skills within Online Marketing. As an employee reporting directly to him I always felt appreciated. He was extremely knowledgeable and attended to our needs.

Anna WasiliewDigital Performance Consultant, iProspect

I have worked with several marketing and brand people and more often companies prefer to have a good public relations than a professional with a clear vision of branding. As graphic designer I really appreciate when I find the second one. Björn has many creative ways to promote a brand and was a joy to collaborate with him at Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015.

María José Creixell LlorcaDesigner

Björn is one of the most inpiring person within the internet industry I have met, always with the product in focus. With his large knowledge and experience in the online/digital field and with his entrepreneurial mind set, Björn is a star here to stay.

Ulrika Lindwall CEO, Plejmo

Björn is not only a result driven and a perfectionist but also an inspiring professional. Probably one of the best marketing strategists I have ever met in my life and one of the smartest professionals I have ever had the pleasure to work with.

Miguel GomesMedia Operations Manager

Björn is a buyer with a good sense of online presence and communication. His knowledge in marketing and how to integrate with the clients make him to a modern and professional online pioneer.
He understands the weight of social media and the blogs. Björn is also an innovator who has ability to share creative thoughts to any forward thinking agency.

John MattssonArt Director, Daytona

Björn is a great leader and manager who inspires colleagues around him and he is easy to work with. He also has an understanding and in-depth knowledge about all the mechanism behind social marketing and digital marketing.

Carl Swahn Design Strategist & Senior Art Director, Comprend

Björn is always at the top of his game, strategic, a good listener and adaptive. After working together for several years, in different constellations, I think his most valuable asset is the ability to inspire and lead people in his surroundings.

Niklas Jarl Co-founder and Head of Sales & Marketing, LEKMER

Björn is a 100% devoted creative at the top of his league. Always updated on the latest trends and using his skills uniquely and constructively to deliver top results on time, every time. I got the opportunity to work together with Björn at Dropit were he was Marketing Director and the reason I heard of and applied for work Dropit. He was later a Lead Creative were he delivered solid but innovative web strategies for clients with 100% business focus.

Christoffer Du RietzDigital Designer, Head of Design & Co-founder, MobisleApps

Björn is the most dedicated and driven Marketing Director I have worked with. I hope I have the possibility to work together with Björn for a long time.

Paula Penttinen Team Manager & Web Strategist, Meridium

Björn truly has great knowledge and understanding of online business, his expertise is inspirational and a really great asset to any project or company.

Palle ZingmarkLead Front-End Developer, Expressen

I worked with Björn on several occations when we worked together at Framfab. Björn is a skilled Project manager and leader. Especially I would like to point out his ability to handle conflicts.

Johan RonnestamCreative Director, Entrepreneur & Speaker

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